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How soon can I return to work after LASIK surgery?

November 5, 2011

Here is a list of common questions I get from my patients who are considering LASIK surgery:

Laser Room, Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre

How soon can you return to work after LASIK surgery (particularly if you need to look at the computer screen all day)?

Patients are usually granted two to three days of medical leave.

By the next day, most see well enough to drive and go back to work. However immediate results can depend on a number of factors including age, amount of correction, and individual healing characteristics.

How should you care for your eyes in the weeks and months after LASIK surgery?

Dry eye is quite common after LASIK. It is important to prevent this by using the lubricant eye drops regularly. With the appropriate treatment, this side effect is temporary and does not affect your vision.

You can resume most normal activities immediately after surgery.

However, you will have to refrain from rubbing your eyes and prevent foreign material (such as soap water or dust) into your eyes for a week after surgery. You will also need to avoid activities such as contact sports (boxing, martial arts and any form of direct trauma to the eye) for 1 month and swimming for 2 weeks.

For ladies, it is good to refrain from using eye and facial makeup for one week.

Should a person going for LASIK surgery have someone to accompany him to and fro the procedure?

As most patients receive a sedative prior to surgery, we would advise them to arrange for someone to accompany them home, as their vision may be blurred after the surgery and reflexes will be slow from the oral sedative. Hence they cannot drive home after undergoing the procedure, and should also plan not to drive for at least twenty-four hours.

Recovery Area, Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre

How long can the effects of LASIK surgery last?

The vision correction effects of LASIK are permanent and do not wear off. But this vision will obviously still be affected in the event of the development of a cataract or the occurrence of some other eye disease.

Will LASIK surgery harm my eyes and make it more prone to problems such as eye infections, UV damage, cataracts, retina detachment, glaucoma, etc.?

No, it will not.

The above article appeared in on 14 April 2010.

There are many more frequently asked questions regarding LASIK which I will share with you in other posts. If you have chanced upon this article while doing your research before LASIK, I would say while it is good to read through and learn about LASIK on the internet, it is very important to go for a pre-LASIK assessment to see if you are suitable for the surgery. Your doctor will counsel you on the risks and benefits specific to the data of your eyes. Remember that each individual is different – what your friend can or cannot see after LASIK does not equate to what you can or cannot see after you have had yours done.

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  1. November 6, 2011 4:11 pm

    Hi Dr. Bing,

    Thanks for liking my post on “World’s First Drug To Prevent Cataract Blindness”. I’ve read your posts and found them very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work.


    PS: I’ve also added you to my blog roll. (:

    • November 6, 2011 4:47 pm

      Hi Shil,
      Thanks for your compliment regarding my blog. You have interesting posts on your blog too.
      Many thanks for adding me onto your blog roll.
      By the way, my family name is Lee. 🙂

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