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Do we recognise people by their eyes?

November 7, 2011

Source: smsread

We like to establish eye contact when we talk to people, which explains why we recognise people by looking at their eyes. The eyes are probably one of the most important part of our body that we use when we communicate.

Here are the opening words of this article in The Daily Mail:

“When you bump into someone who looks familiar, chances are you’ll check out their eyes before any other facial feature. It is followed by the shape of the mouth and nose, according to a study by psychologists at Barcelona University in Spain.”

Do you agree with this?

I didn’t think the eyes were such an important part of facial recognition until I realise that I can recognise people even when they had their masks on in the operating theatre. There are many websites where you can guess who the person is by just looking at his/her eyes. Of course, you would need to know who the person is (i.e., have seen him in the papers or in the movies) in order to recognise the person. Try them out to see if you know these celebrities by just looking at their eyes:


How well do you know 1

How well do you know 2

If you look carefully at each eye, you will notice that you recognise not only the eye colour but the eyelids and the eye brows. Let’s look at this image:

Can you tell who the celebrity is? He has signature crows’ feet and eyebrows. Click on the image to see the full picture to know who he is.

Now you know why we spend so much on the correct pair of glasses for the “right” look and how ladies will spend time on shaping eye brows and grooming eye lashes.

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