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Tips For Protecting Your Eyes In The Office – Part 2

October 12, 2013

I posted 3 tips on how to care for your eyes in the office last month. Click Here for that article.


Here are 4 more tips that can help you protect your eyes:

  1. Take frequent breaks in between work to help rest the eyes.

It is important to give your eyes a break to prevent headaches, blurry vision and dry eye. Look away or close your eyes after every half an hour of computer work. If you have dry eyes, lubricate your eyes with lubricant eye drops, this will reduce blurred vision and fatigue. Your eyes will get drier the longer you spend looking at the computer. A strong draft from the air-conditioning increases this problem.


  1. Increase font size of your computer screen to reduce eye strain.

Just remember that the smaller the screen means the bigger the eye health issue. Improve your reading experience by increasing the size of the font; this is helpful if you have to read long documents or spend hours entering data or editing on your computer.


  1. Ensure your glasses/lens prescription is appropriate for close computer work.

You can also get anti-reflective coating on your glasses to prevent glare and lens reflection. Alternatively, depending on the amount of time you work at the computer, the kind of vision correction needed and your personal preferences, you may want to get a separate pair of glasses specifically for computer work.


  1. Have periodic and thorough eye care examinations by an optometrist or ophthalmologist as part of a routine primary care.

Regular eye exams are crucial to maintaining healthy vision. If you find your daily lifestyle a hindrance with the inconvenience of glasses or you are constantly getting irritations and infections from contact lens wear, LASIK might be something you would want to consider as it removes your dependence on corrective wear.

Hope that these 7 tips can help you reduce eye strain and keep your eyes healthy. In addition, you may want to read about some Good Eye Care Habits.

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