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This is a personal blog. Please note the following points about this blog:

(1) The views presented in this blog are my own opinion. They do not represent those of other eye doctors nor is it the view of Shinagawa Eye Centre.

(2) Patients’ privacy. Please note that I do not discuss anything specific that relates to a particular patient. All patient confidentiality is strictly adhered to. Likewise, if you have a certain illness that you would like to ask about, please ask in a general manner to maintain your privacy.

(3) Consultation. This blog is not used for medical consults. If you have a specific query with regards to your eye, I am more than happy to answer those questions if you email me at

(4) Use of content from this blog. I have taken time and effort to write these articles. If you would like to share them or to use my photos, please put a link to my blog or at least credit the info to me. All photos are my own unless otherwise stated or you will find the link when you click on the photo.


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